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SloanLED - LEDStripe

For 20 years LEDStripe® has added lighting elegance and distinction to buildings worldwide. This patented LED‑based rigid tubing system, has become the border tube system of choice for many retail, restaurant, and lodging chains.
Luminous FluxN/ACCT #1White (6500K)Luminous EfficacyN/A
Input Power5W/mCCT #2RedIngress ProtectionIP66
Input Voltage24VDCCCT #3O,A,G,B,YCRI75

SloanLED - HighLINER 2 Fixture

HighLINER 2 Fixture offers a natural white illumination for awnings and soffits.  Available in 300mm and 1200mm lengths, it is also THE solution for large scale light boxes due to its long life, robust and low profile design.
Luminous Flux1450lmCCT #1White (5000K)Luminous Efficacy100lm/W
Input Power14.4WCCT #2N/AIngress ProtectionIP68
Input Voltage24VDCCCT #3N/ACRI75

SloanLED - SlimLINER Fixture

SlimLINER offers a low-profile, natural white illumination for awnings, vinyl canopies, and accent lighting on small signs or in slim areas.  It features an easy to install, slim sleek design, and can be field cut to custom lengths.
Luminous Flux725lmCCT #1White (5000K)Luminous Efficacy83.3lm/W
Input Power7.7W/mCCT #2N/AIngress ProtectionIP68
Input Voltage12VDCCCT #3N/ACRI75

SloanLED - FlexiBRITE

Add that “neon look” to any LED-lit sign with the world’s first completely flexible LED tubing. FlexiBRITE can create an endless array of profiles, contours and patterns on the fly.
Luminous FluxN/ACCT #1RedLuminous EfficacyN/A
Input Power9.2W/mCCT #2OrangeIngress ProtectionIP66
Input Voltage12VDCCCT #3Y,G,BCRIN/A

SloanLED - ColorLINE

Add stunning neon-like appeal and increased awareness to any building with this patented LED‑based rigid tubing system.  ColorLINE offers our brightest tubing light output, a neon‑like profile, and innovative lit, mitered corners.
Luminous FluxN/ACCT #1White (6500K)Luminous EfficacyN/A
Input Power7.5W/mCCT #2White (3200K)Ingress ProtectionIP66
Input Voltage12VDCCCT #3R,O,Y,G,BCRI75