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ABODE 318 - Russell St Melbourne - Backlit Nightscape Works

  • Visual Technologies - Abode 318 - LED Light Box
  • Visual Technologies - Abode 318 - LED Light Box

August 2012

Visual Technologies recently supplied and commissioned LED lighting for two large fabric light boxes in the ABODE 318 ON SITE DISPLAY for property development giants PDG and Schiavello.

Both light boxes use the latest in our premium high brightness LED lighting technology in conjunction with high resolution light transmitting fabric to render a Melbourne day & nightscape.  The illumination is even and bright and gives a very realistic impression of staring out a window at the picturesque city of Melbourne.

Using our specialised LED lighting modules, we were able to light a 3x3m and a 7x3m light box with only 15 and 30 modules respectively, two of the most efficient light boxes we have ever lit using LED technology, not to mention cost effective!

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